Tourism in the Morbihan's Gulf

The Morbihan's Gulf is full of treasures and surprises whatever your wishes! If you are found of water activities, you will find in the Morbihan's Gulf a real playground. If you enjoy sailing, be aware that the Gulf hosts some prestigious shipyards. It is in the Gulf that were built some famous yacht models such as the Sinagot or the Guepard. There is a significant sailing clubs in the Morbihan's Gulf, this is also an opportunity to start learning if you are not yet familiar with sailing.

For those who rather prefer sunbathing than water activities, there is a huge number of beaches and creeks in the Gulf. You may even have the feeling of having your own private beach! If you fancy waves and turbulent waters, then choose the ocean coast to exit from the Gulf calm waters. In any case, be aware that currents are particularly strong in the region, due to the water coming in and out of the Gulf depending on the tides. Be careful, this can be quite dangerous, and you may quickly end up in Belle ile!

The Morbihan's Gulf is also a great place for those who enjoy promenades. It is full of footpaths. Some are along the sea, others will take you in land. Do not miss the cliff of Saint Gildas de Rhuys, the long beach of Arzon and Sarzeau and the ones going through the natural reserve of Sene. Arradon and its pine forest may give you the feeling of being on the Mediterranean coast, especially if the weather is warm and sunny!

If you fancy the visits of historical sites, you have quite a lot to do and to see in Morbihan, starting with the Suscinio and Kerlevenan castles, the Kerrat manor in Arradon and the hanging bridge of Le Bono. A significant number of testimonies that the Golf villages have preserved.