Events in the Morbihan's Gulf

There is a certain number of events taking place in the Morbihan's Gulf all year long. Here is a list that deserves to be completed! The first big event is in March with the Crouesty Yacht Show. This one of the biggest yacht show on the Atlantic coast together with the one in La Rochelle taking place in September. This is the opportunity for a sea trial on some units and also the possibility to buy one of the second hand boat presented. For more information, you can consult the website dedicated to this event: http://www.printempsducrouesty.fr/

In May, follows the Brittany Celebration. This federates 250 events taking place in 150 cities around the world. Brittany lovers are invited to meet in some historical sites. For more information: http://www.fetedelabretagne.bzh/

Still in May the Sailing Gulf Week! More than a thousand boats cruise in the Gulf from old wooden boats to modern yachts and classical sailing yachts. This is something not to be missed if you are there in May. For more information: http://www.semainedugolfe.com/

For the past few years, the village of Baden has been organizing the Morbihan Paddle Trophy. This event is dedicated to Paddle, a new sport consisting in promenading on a large surf board. The race takes place in Port Navalo and in the harbor of Saint Goustan in Auray. Know more: http://morbihanpaddletrophy.fr/

In June, the city of Vannes will open its garden to writers, this is the famous Brittany Book Exhibition. Do not miss it! Following this event, "Les Musicales du Golf" is a classic music festival. Know more through: http://www.musicalesdugolfe.com/. The city of Vannes will also host a certain number of events during the summer season such as the Rampart Trail, or the Jazz Festival late July.

Organize from now your stay in the Morbihan's Gulf!