Practical information about the Morbihan's Gulf

The Morbihan's Gulf in a few

Considered as one of the World most beautiful bays, the Morbihan's Gulf hosts some of the most beautiful villages and landscapes the French south of Brittany can offer. This is combined with a huge historical background that makes this region particularly interesting to visit. If you are found of water sport activities, the Morbihan's Gulf is one of the best playground. But be careful, here the current are quite important due to the tides variation and the water going in and out of the Gulf. Composed with a certain number of islands, it is a real pleasure to sail from one to the other and to make a stop for a lunch on one of the wild beaches. The Gulf is also a great place for those who fancy trekkings. Do not miss the footpath going all around the Gulf. It will take you few days to go all around the Gulf but it can be a great way to discover the Gulf. Each year, there is a marathon organized around the bay and only few reach the end!

There is something great in the Morbihan's Gulf. Beaches and creeks are so many, that there is a chance you end up alone, even in the middle of the summer season. With its micro climate, the Morbihan's Gulf definitely worths a visit!

How do I get there?

By car: from the east or the north of France, use the A11 highway and then the national roads RN24 and RN166. If you come from the south-east of France, on your way back from the Med(!), you can use the national roads N76, then the highway A11 and the road RN 165.

By train: there is a fast train that connects Paris to Vannes. It only takes 2h30. If you want to reach Auray, the trip is slightly longer: 2h50. If you reach south of Brittany by plane, be aware that there is also a train between Nantes (where the airport is) and Vannes. It takes only 1h15 between the two.

By plane: the airport Nantes-Atlantique is situated approximately one hour drive from Vannes. This airport is well connected with other French cities but also capitals of foreign countries. 

When should I come?

During the winter season, the weather can be quite rude with rain and strong wind. During spring and autumn, the climate is much better but remains random. Summer season is far away the best season to visit the Morbihan's Gulf but for sure you won't be alone. However, there is something special with this part of Brittany. It first benefits from a micro climate, meaning the weather can be bad in this part of France but sunny in the Gulf. Secondly the tides are quite significant and the landscapes will change twice a day. This is definitely spectacular whatever the season.

Good to know!

Brittany and South of Brittany in particular with the Morbihan's Gulf first are particularly demanded during the summer season. As for any other wonderful place in the world, you should definitely book your accommodation in advance. My home in Golfe du Morbihan provides you with an updated offer allowing you not to waste on time when searching.